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The Portuguese gaming market is one of the biggest in Europe. The diverse characteristics of the iGaming market have encouraged strong player engagement and steady growth over the past years. Besides the role of Cristiano Ronaldo’s soccer prowess and global fame, Portugal has attracted many mainstream brands, which makes it a jewel in Europe’s gaming industry.

With a population of about 10.3 million, the country has registered the highest player engagement in the European continent. It also has 155% connectivity to mobile devices, with a vast majority of users between the age of 16 and 64. A recent report stated that internet users spent at least a third of their day online. A lot of contemporary users are giving preference to online casinos that offer not only fascinating gameplay experiences but also the best terms of payouts. You can check out here to find out more about online casinos with the best and most convenient payment terms.

Portugal Online Betting Revenue

There’s no denying the rise to fame of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has played a significant role in boosting the gambling industry. Having won numerous championships across multiple leagues, he has become a global sensation and a gold mine for gambling companies. Over the past year, the country has experienced a record high in online casino-generated revenue of up to €89 million and nearly €2.5 billion on online casino games.

Online casino revenue has hit a new record high for the fifth consecutive quarter, and the trend is only increasing. Slots are Portugal’s most popular online casino products, representing nearly 80% of the stakes. Other popular games did well, with blackjack making up 49% of the stakes, French roulette 76%, and Banca Francaise 3.6%.

How Gambling and Sports Help Each Other in Portugal

Sports is one of the most significant industries in Portugal, contributing billions annually to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The Portuguese Premier League is also a significant contributor and has been growing at an insanely rapid rate. This is partly why betting has become a steady source of GDP revenue for the country, proving that gambling and sports benefit each other.

Although both industries are still growing, a partnership between them has proven it can lead to massive success. With that in mind, the country has one of the best soccer teams in the world, with literally the best player leading the squad. This has contributed immensely to the growth of gambling and other affiliated industries like hospitality and tourism. Here are ways gambling and sports are beneficial to each other.

Casinos Attract Soccer Fans

With global success, the Portuguese national team has amassed a vast following: not to mention the traction each player brings. Many people who gamble are fans of a particular player in the national team or a specific club in the different soccer leagues in the country. Besides the love for the game and money, the government has state-of-the-art casinos guaranteeing players a fantastic experience that attracts many people to indulge. 

It is an Excellent Source of Entertainment

While watching a live match is exhilarating, another way you can enjoy yourself is gambling. This is according to Anna Rosak, a digital marketing & online gaming specialist at PolskieKasynoHEX. Fans no longer have to wait for their soccer star to grace the pitch for them to get a piece of the action. The more money gambling companies make, the higher the gross domestic product, which enhances sporting activities in the country. Not to mention winning consistently makes everything better and the experience memorable.

Foreign Players Can Experience Gambling

Some EU nations have outlawed all forms of gambling, both online and lads-based casinos. However, soccer attracts tourists across the continent, allowing them to experience gambling without worrying about legal action and hefty fines. Portugal may have a growing gambling market, but it still welcomes thousands, if not millions, of fans annually to enjoy their favorite casino games.

The Bottom Line

The Portuguese government gets almost $150 million from online gambling, and sports contribute more than half. If you compare the stats to what they were a decade ago, you’ll see how far gambling has come. Both sports and gambling find new ways to scale and grow and ways they can both help each other. Even if you don’t want to gamble, casinos in Portugal are state-of-the-art facilities that provide fantastic scenery. Whether you are a Cristiano Ronaldo fan or a diehard soccer fan, the gambling industry in Portugal offers numerous income-generating channels you can leverage.


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